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The Weir Hotel - Messing About on The River!

The Weir Pub is a traditional pub with a fantastic restaurant and 6 beautiful en suite rooms with views over the river Thames. A three-mile walk down the picturesque towpath sees you to the gates of Hampton Court Palace in Surrey. Attracting walkers, cyclists, boaters and families that enjoy taking their dogs to lunch or dinner with them.

It's easy to see why The Weir is such a huge success.

They offer great food & accommodation. Friday lunchtime the local business community turn out in droves for the fine fresh food and variety of ales on tap. Saturday kicks off with the walkers and cyclists coming in to roast their toes by the blazing fire and settling down to lunch in the restaurant or to watch a game of Rugby in the bar. Sunday lunch is probably the busiest day, with most of the town turning up for one of the best roast dinners you will ever have!

A great place to meet any time of day or night and the drinks cater for all tastes. As well as a standard selection of lager, cider and Guinness, there's also a phenomenal selection of constantly changing real ales. The staff create a friendly atmosphere and spoil you with great table service, nothing is too much trouble.

The views over The Weir are stunning and the constant sound of rushing water combined with good quality food & drink is quite soothing.

Memories of warm summer evenings watching the sunset over The Weir always brings a smile to my heart.....

Matt Davison & Teresa De Santis (Owners)

Proposal for four Hydro Power turbines on Sunbury Lock Island

Sunbury Lock Island is in the green belt, covered in trees, enjoyed daily by locals, ramblers, cyclists, and canoeists. Proposals for a Hydro Power station with four Archimedes screw turbines will replace up to 100 metres of woodland including 84 trees at the end of Sunbury Lock Island, from the boatyard to the weir, with an industrial plant.

Acoustic surveys commissioned by the Lensbury Club at Teddington have proved the high pitched noise from the turbines’ transformer and gears is unacceptable.

The Weir Hotel will face four generators, raised 1.8 metres above the towpath to protect them from flooding. Customers say that’s horrible. But the developers think everyone wants to see this industrial plant.

Residents who face Sunbury Lock Island say they’ll be ugly, large, and industrial, and dangerous for swans and ducks.

  • Expert Dr Alan Butterworth said: “Hydropower schemes on our lowland rivers will never produce a significant amount of electricity yet will cause great harm to the aquatic environment, especially to fish populations, whilst attracting unsustainably high subsidies paid for by all consumers.”
  • Angling groups say:"The turbines change river flows, reduce river levels, scour the river bed killing micro organisms, kill the fish and stop them spawning."
  • Boating groups (River User Group navigation) say:"Sunbury Weir is the most dangerous location on the Thames as unpowered craft in the Lock Cut will be sucked towards the turbines."
  • The Lock Keeper at Osney, in Oxford says:"Just one turbine has caused an increase in the number of red boards and reported safety incidents. There have been 3 incidents since the turbine was installed last summer involving 1 very experienced canoeist and 2 small boats."

What do you say?

Come to the Public Consultation Event at Riverside Arts Centre, Sunbury-on-Thames, TW16 5QF at 3pm on Saturday 15th December to find out more.

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