Going Green




The Weir Hotel has long been a supporter of renewable energy and our focus on reducing as much waste as possible has been a long but productive one.

Here are just some of the ways we are creating an eco-friendly environment for our premises.


Renewable Energy

All electricity for whole premises, which includes the Bar, Kitchen and Hotel is all provided from renewable energy sources.

From a multitude of sources we power our whole building on green energy. 


Reduction of Plastic

Beginning at the front of house we have removed the need for all plastic wherever possible, including paper straws, wooden stirrers and foil wrapped condiments instead of plastic wrapped or coated ones.

We have changed kitchen suppliers so all fruit and veg is delivered in loose biodegradable carboard boxes and removes the need for all plastic wrapped items.

Although their are some places that we can't avoid the use of plastic wrap such as meat products (due to existing food health protocols), we ensure all plastic is recycled wherever possible.



Like most premises all our glass is separated and recycled responsibly, as is all of our daily waste such as cardboard and food waste.

Pubs such as are ours can go through gallons of food waste every week and it can be an overwhelming task, so we use a greener waste collection company who does the sorting for us, ensuring that as little as possible ends up in landfill.



Also in our Cellar we have begun using environmentally friendly chemicals that cause less damage through run offs and sump pumps that can leach into the surrounding areas.


Our close relationship with the Environmental Agency has provided us with the opportunity to ensure we can do our best with what we have available. And we will continue to push these values onwards as more new options become available to us.

We're always on the look out for new ways to improve so let us know what we can be doing better!!