Social Distancing


Social Distancing at the Weir Hotel

As instructed, we're our strictly following the guidelines set out for us now that lock-down is easing. It has become a challenge for all us of, but it's for the safety of our staff and customers and as difficult as it has been, we're still the ones wearing the terribly uncomfortable face masks.

Joking aside, we have been as strict as our premises will allow us, outlined here are some of the measures we've been taking:


  • Ensure all staff wearing face masks and gloves at all times when serving customers.
  • Taking Test & Trace information upon entering of the premises. 
  • Separating staff into sub teams to reduce the spread of infection.
  • Introducing new marquee'd areas to encourage increased outside dining
  • Creating new separate entrances and a one-way system for Bars and Toilets
  • Opening an outside serving point to reduce queues and allow more opportunity for social distancing.
  • Purchase of a new Glass Wash machine to ensure the high quality of sanitation to all glassware.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing toilet areas every 20 minutes.
  • Serving all food on trays to remove staff contact points
  • Providing all cutlery individually wrapped and sterilized
  • Offering all sauces and additional condiments in individual sachets
  • Staggering staff shifts to reduce risk of prolonged exposure.
  • Discouraging groups larger than 6 people by offering tables no larger than 6 person capacity.